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October 2013

Why Your Dentist Recommends A Night Guard

At Dentistry On Elgin a major complaint from our patients is aching jaws and headaches. The answer is a night guard. The most common cause for these...

July 2013

Nutrition & Your Oral Health

We have all heard the expression you are what you eat and we know that maintaining a healthy well-balanced diet helps protect your body against Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes to name a few.

April 2013

Can You Die From A Tooth Infection?

The answer is YES! YOU CAN. The fact that tooth decay or infection around the tooth may sound absurd, there is evidence that suggest...

March 2013


There is such a large selection of toothbrushes available in the market, be it manual or electric, how do you choose one?

February 2013

Bad Breath

I think one of the most frequent questions asked in our Cambridge Dental office is how do I fight bad breath? Everyone suffers from this occasionally.

January 2013

Dr. Jauhal’s Dental Blog Articles

At Dentistry On Elgin we offer same day emergency appointments. The first thing you would do in a dental emergency is CONTACT YOUR DENTIST.

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