oral health

April 2018

Piercings and your oral health

Piercings are an important part of self-identification. Your piercings will attract judgment on your personality from friends’ and strangers alike. It is nothing unusual to spot people flaunting their oral piercings either the tongue, lips or teeth.

The most common form of oral piercing is the tongue. While it is supposed to be a fashion […]

May 2017

Oral Health issues among Seniors

It is very important that people of all ages makes sure that they take care of their dental formula. Proper dental hygiene and care will help you maintain and retain that million dollar smile and also have that perfect dental formula. Seniors should have regular check-ups concerning their oral health which they should also follow […]

February 2017

Foods that prevent tooth decay

According to health practitioners around the globe, tooth decay is the destruction of the tooth enamel which is the hard outer layer of the teeth. Tooth decay is a problem that affects all individuals from children, teens to adults. Tooth decay is mainly caused by poor oral health, and thus the number one way to […]

January 2017

Cosmetic dental treatments: straighten your teeth with nearly invisible braces

Dental problems: are your teeth not as straight as you would like them to be? Who can bear wearing braces that can be pokey and brackets that rub against the soft inside of the mouth?
Thanks to Jauhal Dental, you can […]

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